Symbol of Knowledge Ambedkar Educational and Social Reforms Organisation
Regd. No. 02642 Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world


Rajesh Ahlawat, Lincoln Hadda, Samunder Singh Badgujar and Suresh Gautam have been steady friends for years, through thick and thin. The inequalities and discrimination prevalent in the society have always intrigued them and the passion to do something for the deprived and exploited class, has always been there in their heart and mind. It all precipitated into meetings with some more like minded people like Mukesh Bhola, Lalit Mohan, Ponender Chandra Madaan, Manish Singh, Naveen Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar and Anil Rathee, who have known each other since their childhood and had a deep understanding them.

Then the group of like minded fellow resolved under the mentorship of Dr. Ravinder Singh Ahlawat to follow the path perched by Baba Saheb and the first step was to “Get Educated” So we decided to work for the education of deprived and exploited class. As a result of undying efforts of Rajesh Ahlawat, we were able to successfully visualize and execute the basic frame work and constitution of our organization within 2-3 months. This small sapling with the help and support of people like you is ready to reach skies in coming future. It would not be possible to attain desired heights without your timely support.

In anticipation of your selfless support ……………